Episode 423: This week’s episode of “Traveling with the Mouse” is dedicated to the trip planners! Those ones who scour the internet with queries and curiosities about the most Magical Place on Earth.To start off our deep dive, we tackle one of the most frequent questions: Where to stay? From luxurious resorts with monorail views to budget-friendly options that still let you bask in the magic, we weigh in on our top picks and why. Genie Plus, how do you maximize it? Is it worth the cost? We break down strategies to make the most of this new offering, ensuring you can hit those top attractions without wasting a precious Disney minute.Disney World can sometimes feel like it’s emptying your wallet faster than you can say “Scrooge McDuck.” But with a sprinkle of know-how, you can experience the magic without breaking the bank. We delve into top tips for those on a tighter budget—from dining hacks to souvenir shopping secrets. We also cover the age-old debate of the Disney Dining Plan’s value. With its mix of quick-service meals, snacks, and table service options, is it truly worth the investment? We dish out our thoughts, along with some anecdotes on our own dining experiences. So, whether you’re a seasoned Disney vet looking to catch up on the latest or a first-timer keen to soak up all the tips, Episode 423 is your trusty guide!

Today Jon and I discuss the character meal options at Walt Disney World. We go through each of the on property locations that are considered character meals and give our top 3 favorites. We start by talking about the character meals at the resorts and then move to the ones that are in the parks. We also talk about which ones have the best food, best atmosphere and best character interaction. Between the two of us we have done just about every character meal at Walt Disney World. Which one is your favorite?